Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Host family Info

I recieved information packet on my host family!

Who lives in the house? Well, they have five kids but only one of them lives at home. This is Fred and he is 17. One of my sisters is 18 and she goes to the same school as me! I think she boards at the school, though. Also their grandson, Richmond(7) lives with them. Thank goodness for him because otherwise I would be, yet agin, the youngest haha. And they have a pet dog!

My host family is Christian and they go to church regularly. Super exciting! I guess that makes sense considering the fact that my host dad is a pastor. Also they are first time hosters!

Im so excited!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Host Family!!!

As you probably know, I'll be leaving in January to spend a semester in Ghana. As it gets closer I'm getting more and more excited!

Yesterday I heard from my host family! One step closer!

I found out I'll be living in Ho, Ghana. and going to OLA Girls High School.

My new family has four daughters and three sons! I'm not yet clear whether they are all living at home, though. I can't wait to meet them!