Thursday, April 28, 2011


Alright, wow, I have a lot to say. First I would like to say that all is well and I'm having a really, really good time traveling.

The first place I went was Busua. Its a tiny town right outside of Takoradi. A whole lot of the AFSers were there. It was so good to just hang out with them again. Pretty much we just read, played cards, and swam.  Oh and also we tried to learn to surf. It was so much fun but extremely hard. After much practice I could actually stand up on my board! Wahoo! I got this massive bruise from it though :( We stayed in an adorable hotel and the owner made us free pancakes in the morning! They were so good!

The Surf Shop
This was a really perfect start to my holiday because I just relaxed and got to catch up with everyone.

At night the Ghanaians drummed, sang, and danced around a campfire on the beach.

Next Camille, Acadia(another American AFSer), and I went to Green Turtle Lodge in Akwidaa. We slept in a tent on the beach. It was a really touristy place, so we ate good food that night. It was really nice to just have a girls night. We talked about Ghana and how homesickness is treating us. I just cannot tell you how good it is to be around my dear AFSers again.

After green turtle lodge we went to Takoradi, spent the night, and left for Elmina in the morning. Here it was just me and Camille. We went to the Elmina Castle. This was a castle used for trade and also held many slaves during the slave trade. It was a really, really interesting place. It really made me think. Anyway we spent two nights in Elmina.

Next on our list was Cape Coast but instead we went to Accra. Camille has had these awful bites on her legs and they really were giving her pain. We were worried they were infected so we went from Elmina to the hospital in Accra. Since we were in Accra, we went to a beach just outside of it called Kokrobite. Here we met up with other AFSers again and just spent time on the beach and way way too much time shopping for souvenirs.
Dorm in Kokrobite
 Ok so I know its just a quick update but just know in doing good. I hope all of you had a great Easter!


  1. Hi Kenzie, traveling sound fun! Glad we got to talk to you on Easter.

  2. Camping on the beach?!?!?! That is totally awesome!!! :D Tell Camille I hope her legs get better and I'm glad you're doing great! If you come to a bonfire at my house when you get back, will we get to see you dance? ;) The Easter Bunny brought me Just Dance 2 and I think of you everytime we play it. I'm scared to verse you again though because you're probably an amazing dancer by now seeing how much you guys dance and sing over there. Can't wait to hear more like always! TTYL! <3

  3. AHHH! Brandy I will totally challenge you in that one African dance on just dance!

  4. It is so on! (I've been practicing) ;)