Thursday, May 5, 2011

Holiday part II

Aright so here's the second half of my travels. Okay so I left off at Kokrobite where I spent Easter and my 100th day in Ghana with Camille and a few other AFSers.

From there we went to Cape Coast. Here we went to the Cape Coast castle. It was very similar to the Elmina one but a whole lot bigger. We also learned how to play these things called koskas (I think). There like two balls filled with rice connected with a string, and they're played by twirling one around your hand. I don't know how to explain it. They're simple but fun!

After Cape Coast we headed to Kakum. There we stayed at a hotel that was right on this lake that had crocodiles in it! We ate lunch right next to the water and two crocodiles were in the water with their heads out of the water all cute-like! And at night some were just laying on the bank. I thought it was pretty cool. We only stayed for one night before heading back to Accra.

In Accra we met up with other AFSers and spent the day before I headed back to Home sweet Ho!

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  1. When I think crockodiles I always think of Jumanji when there was that monsoon in their living room and they just barely excaped from the chandelier onto the door that they used as their raft to get away from the huge scary man-eating crockodile. I would totally not have been able to sleep with some just outside my door. ;) Hey! - Now we can finally play that harmonica / koskas duet together! -So excited!