Monday, May 16, 2011


Alright today is kind of a random post. I really wanted to post to say I got my hair braided! It took three and a half hours. It was long. I think everyone noticed on my way home. haha. They were so excited and said I look very Ghanaian.

Ok heres some random pictures

I think I've mentioned how my younger brother Richmond can have fun with anything he has. Well here he was running around with this tire using sticks to guide and spin it. He's actually really good at it.

This is my family's dog Shap. Isn't he adorable?

Ok this is another picture of Busua. It was the first town I traveled to in April. I don't know if you can see the Island in the picture but we swam to it. Stupidest thing ever because there were sea urchins there. I had a foot full of urchins and a scraped up leg by the time we swam back. Anyway its a really pretty Island.


  1. i wanna see pictures of ur hair!!!

  2. Same here! :D And sorry to hear about your leg, but I'm glad it was worth it. Dang though... that is a long swim! Way to go!